| meet lisa.

| meet lisa.

I get a feeling when I look at my parents wedding photo … 39 years later and this faded photograph evokes an emotion in me so strong I wish I could bottle it.  I get this same feeling when I am standing in the middle of a ceremony watching two people promise life and love to each other through my camera lens.  I want your children and their children to hold my photograph between their fingers and feel that exact emotion.  That is why I do this, why I love this … I am preserving your love, preserving your history. 

I would love to say that I was given my first camera at eight years old and the rest is history.  But, oh Lord, that is not even close to reality.  Albeit always a creative person the camera came many years later.  The truth is, my dear friend and now mentor came to me one day and said, “I have a wedding this weekend and you are going to be my second shooter.”  Uhh wait, what?!?  I had never touched a camera for any reason as important as a wedding.  A wedding, ahhh!   The time came and I was not afraid, it was natural. I found my passion, my destiny! 

I will jump up and down because I can't contain my excitement for you and your love.  I will cry during your ceremony and I will cry during the reception.  Why?  Because I am so humbled and so honored to be preserving history for your grandchildren!


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