| unbound.

Binding says the story is over and yet your story is still being written.  We here at LEP love the look and feel of a classic wedding album.  I still remember reading my parents love story in that leather bound book.  We are super excited to give our couples a second choice ... the Unbound Album.  

A beautifully handcrafted Amish-made box filled with all of your wedding prints, nestled in repuroposed fabric, lace, or ribbon, with beautiful glass vials to hold mementos from your wedding day. The fine art prints are 4x6 and we will print your whole wedding (up to 500 photos). Now you do not have to chose what photographs to put in your Bound Album, because you get them all. Or we can discusas a larger size "album" with different print sizes and room for more collections and momentos as your family grows!

The gallery includeds several different box dimensions and sizes.  If you would like more information please let me know!

photos courtesy of Kester Imagery & H.H.B.